Tuesday, June 17, 2008

New York's 학습 meeting schedule

Here is the schedule for New York KEEPers' study sessions for this year's program. The KEEP reader also follows this flow. We meet from 6:30-9:30 pm.

June 12- Introduction to KEEP
June 16- Legacies of Japanese colonialism and Independence movements
June 17- Post-Liberation (Division, US military government), Korean War and Syngman Rhee dictatorship
June 23- Park Chunghee dictatorship and economic development
June 24- Kwangju uprising and a turn toward democracy
June 30- Neoliberalism in South Korea (Trade, globalization, labor policies)
July 1-(subject to change)- 6.15.00 Summit and the unification movement

Generally, we are beginning each session by practicing our introductions in Korean, and we end each session by translating and singing some movement songs.

Our recipe: 1 facilitator. 1 Guitar. Food to share. Videos and pictures. 2 small children running around. Many voices. Shake, stir.